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Waew and I

The first item on the agenda is to fill in the gaps between September 2008 and September 2009, before I will start writing about more timely stuff, as and when it happens. I will be concise, because 12 months is a long time to chronicle, and will perhaps return to certain points in more detail at a later date.

I moved to Bangkok in April 2008 with my then-fiancee, Maki. Both of us had work lined up and we used the month or so before starting employment to find a place to live, get a feel for Bangkok and take a couple of trips around Thailand.

Once we settled into working life here, things started to go wrong. Maki’s personality changed and the sweet, polite and considerate girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with became irritable, selfish and deliberately caustic, and withdrew affection. I put it down to the major life change in moving to a new country, she put it down to stress from her job. The truth came out in August – “stress from the job” actually meant “having an affair with a married man”. A four-month fling put paid to our four-year relationship. She left, I was devastated, and I stopped writing the blog, because I didn’t want to write about a sad subject, and such feelings did consume me at the time.

A year later, I am of course well over Maki. In fact, it only took a few weeks until I started feeling better, which was much quicker than I expected. Bangkok is a really fun place to be single, and I met a lovely girl called Waew last October. At that time I wasn’t yet ready for a new relationship, but we hung out for a couple of months and eventually I took the plunge. It was the right thing to do, as we are still together, nine months later.

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That’s really sad to hear about what Maki did to you and really sad that she is that type of person (a home wrecker). Good thing you got over her and met someone new who you can enjoy spending time with. Are you both still together? I find it har to keep an honest relationship in Thailand. I find myself dating the wrong types. Every time I think I’m dating someone nice, I get taken for a ride. Usually it’s about money. Then I tell myself, “I’m never going to date another Thai person again.” Then I fall back on my word and date another Thai and then 2 years invested, I’m cheated on and my money is gone. Again, I told myself I will never date another Thai and once again…. I’m dating someone. This time around the person I’m with now doesn’t ask me for money, always happy to see me, doesn’t walk out of the room to talk to who knows, on the phone, likes to spend time together and likes my friends. So, so far so good. This is definitely the last Thai person i’ll be dating because I think that this relationship will finally last longer than the normal 7 months-2 years. Not many foreigners to date where I live (Phetchabun). Men here are usually well past their 50’s and have wives that they have picked up from Pattaya. I know this because I’m friends with the small handful of farangs here. I’m the only farang female where i live. Sad but true. Anyways, I hope your relationship works out for you. Everyone deserves to have someone good in their lives.


Comment by Minnie

Hi Minnie. Actually, Maki is Japanese so I can’t put her behaviour down to Thai traits! But yes, things are OK with Waew, although I have heard all the horror stories about cross-cultural relationships here so would be on my guard if ever I had to find a new Thai partner. Interesting to hear from you, though, because as I’m sure you’re aware, there are very few farang female/Thai male relationships.

Comment by elephantsleg

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